Try This Boot Camp on For Size: Niki G's

Some women bounce from one diet to another.

Not me! I love food way too much. That said, I compensate with my workouts. And I have discovered Nashville's best kept secret for a balanced workout that feeds the competitive spirit.

I have traditionally bounced from one workout routine to another out of shear boredom and lack of results. Plus, I am a highly competitive person always looking for a new challenge. The rush I get from a struggle and that sweet feeling of accomplishment when I see victory are unlike anything else, and I have tried every workout under the sun to feed my craving for competition.

With my hectic life, the only competitions that I am entering these days are those with myself. I'm 29, married, working full-time and then some, and I'm involved in various organizations such as the Junior League of Nashville and Ellie's Run for Africa.

Being the active person I am, I tried fitness boot camps to stay in shape and bring a little challenge to my chaotic schedule. I experimented with a few boot camps that were co-ed, which gave me plenty of opportunity to exercise my competitive spirit against the guys. While I enjoyed the classes, I knew something was missing, and the classes weren't tailored to a woman's body. In fact, I found myself bulking up.

I had no idea what that missing piece was until a couple of months ago when I was dragged literally into yet another boot camp by my friend Abby. Little did I know I was about to discover Nashville's best kept fitness secret.

Niki G's Fitness has offered me, by far, the best experience that I could have asked for in a workout. I am now in my second month in the program, and I love it! All of the programs are completely customized to women, giving us the workouts that we need. Niki never gives you the same workout more than once, so your muscles are always stimulated in a new way. Also, she balances the perfect mix of cardiovascular exercises with weight training, which provides optimal results. I noticed an immediate change in my body when I started, and I have not looked back.

I have always been an independent person (obviously, since I love competition), and I never understood why women always wanted a workout buddy or saw working out as social hour. While boot camp at Niki G's is not a social hour by any stretch, I see a change in myself and my habits from being there. I relish the camaraderie I have developed with others in my classes, and I have found so much value in having this special accountability group around me.

From a business standpoint, I admire Niki for giving her own special touch to her business. I have never experienced the level of customer service that she and the other instructors give to those in their classes. The website is user-friendly and makes it quick and easy to sign up. I also receive weekly fitness and health e-mail tips and updates, and she even sent me a card on my birthday!

Everyone at Niki G's is intimately involved with those they are instructing. I feel so comfortable, and it's almost like I have my own personal trainer every time I go to boot camp, but I don't have to pay the personal trainer prices. Plus, I always feel challenged and motivated to stay committed to this active lifestyle.

My life is completely crazy, but I know the importance of staying active and taking care of myself. So does Niki G, and the programs are catered to suit the lifestyle of any and every woman from the stay-at-home mom to the full-time worker like me. Classes are in the morning and evening in Nashville, Brentwood, and Franklin. Plus, you are not tied down to a specific class at a specific time. Since you pay by the number of classes you wish to attend in a month, there is flexibility as to when you show up whether it's at 5:15 a.m. one day or 6 p.m. the next. Niki G leaves no excuse for not taking care of one's self and body.

I whole-heartedly encourage any woman to take advantage of the opportunity to go to boot camp at Niki G's Fitness. Don't be intimidated by working out in a group or convince yourself that boot camp is clearly beyond your fitness level. Believe me, it's for you! Check it out:

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