Showdown! Ten Out of Tenn Mixes Things Up at Sweet CeCe's

October 2011

Take ten artists, all successful in their own right, with a combined total of over 30 albums and a list of musical accomplishments too long to count; pile them on one bus with stops across the country and you have Ten Out of Tenn, the ultimate collaboration of musical talent. Bigger than a band, Ten Out of Tenn is a singer-songwriter supergroup that shares one stage. Swapping instruments and sharing vocals, each artist showcases his or her own unique sound, all with a little help from their friends.

Now, take over 75 flavors of self-serve frozen goodness, from Original Tart to Banana Cabana; add over 50 sweet, salty, chocolate and fruity toppings, and you have Sweet CeCe’s, one of Nashville’s favorite frozen yogurt spots.

Experts in exercising creativity, Her Nashville thought that Ten Out of Tenn was the perfect group to try out the endless combinations of fro yo fun that a trip to Sweet CeCe’s provides. Before they hit the road for their fall tour (September 14 through October 1) we challenged eight of the artists to construct and name their most creative concoction in our Self-Serve Sundae Showdown. No topping was off limits as we let the group get down to swirling, mixing and treating themselves to a friendly — and delicious — competition among tourmates.


Amy Stroup: “The Fruity Reese’s Cowlick”
Original Tart topped with blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, chocolate sprinkles, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and coconut.
Weight: .7 lb. “My yogurt has a cowlick,” Amy pointed out as her soft serve swirl swooped to the side. Amy’s strategy was to start healthy by adding fruit, but like most Sweet CeCe’s customers, she eventually gave in to the chocolate.
Voted: The Leaning Tower of Fro Yo Award

Gabe Dixon: “Fro Yo Jenga.”
Country Vanilla piled with Peanut M&Ms, chocolate rainbow nonpareils, granola, chocolate rocks, Andes mints, Reese’s Pieces, blueberries and a cherry on top.
Weight: 1 lb. 2 oz. “I’m going to skip the hot fudge, even though I want it,” Gabe said as he moved on to the blueberries, which he strategically placed to prevent them from falling off his mountain of yogurt. Gabe has a hard time holding on to all of his toppings, but that didn’t stop him from taking home the honor of heaviest sundae. Voted: The Weigh Before You Pay Award

Trent Dabbs: “Dabbs’ Deluxe”
Country Vanilla with cookie dough, vanilla yogurt chips, chocolate almonds and yogurt pretzels.
Weight: .45 lb. “Your sundae is the daintiest,” the other Ten out of Tenn members joked. Though Trent’s concoction wasn’t heavy, it wasn’t without some of Sweet CeCe’s best toppings. (Although, as Amy pointed out, something in his dish — we think the chocolate covered almonds — resembled “deer poop.”) His strategy was to take a simple flavor and accessorize it.
Voted: The Best Dressed Award

Katie Herzig: “Appalachian Trail”

No Sugar Added Strawberry and Original Tart topped with walnuts, oats and honey granola, carob chips, toasted coconut and a single raspberry.
Weight: .94 lb. “That thing won’t stop,” Katie said as she released more granola from the canister than she intended. Her yogurt was buried underneath a layer of toppings, adding weight to her cup, but extra flavor to her sundae.
Voted: The Topping Heavy Award

K.S. Rhoads: “Gold in Them Hills”
Butter Brickle topped with chocolate rocks, peanuts, crushed Butterfinger and whipped cream.
Weight: .42 lb. “I’m debating just filling up my cup with Golden Grahams and calling it “Cereal,”” K.S. said as he stared at the canisters of toppings. Proving less can be more; K.S.’s concoction was the lightest of the bunch, which was OK with him because he was able to better taste the chocolate rocks. “These are like minerals or something,” he remarked.
Voted: The New Rocky Road Award

Matthew Perryman Jones: “The Berry Manilow”
Butter Brickle and No Sugar Added Strawberry topped off with granola, blueberries and strawberries.
Weight: .66 lb. “I think mine is the most boring,” Matthew remarked after eying the heaping concoctions of his tour mates. Not only did Matthew create the healthiest sundae of the bunch, but he proved it is possible to practice portion control and to avoid the candy options … if you must.
Voted: The Skinny Sundae Award

Tyler James: “The Oprah”
Country Vanilla with Cinnamon Toast Crunch, chocolate chips, blueberries, raspberries, cheesecake bites and cookie dough.
Weight: 1 lb. 1 oz. “Man, I don’t know what to do,” Tyler said as he examined all of his options. He quickly chose basic vanilla and made his way to the table of fruit toppings. “This is all the healthy stuff,” he said before discovering the cheesecake and cookie dough. Tyler’s concoction may have been runner-up for heaviest sundae, but we think he may have been aiming for a different award. “The aesthetic — it’s what I always think about when eating ice cream,” he joked as he used a mixing technique to prevent a loss of toppings. (And as for the name? Well, you’ll have to ask him … we’re not sure either, although we do love Oprah!) 
Voted: The Single Pounder Award

Butterfly Boucher: “The Wormy Wonder”
A perfectly even mix of Seedless Watermelon Sorbet, Hershey’s Chocolate Kiss and Very Raspberry topped with yogurt chips, chocolate raisins, strawberries and gummy worms. Weight: 1.07 lb. “Ooh, sorbet!” Butterfly said as she approached the soft serve machines. As she constructed her sundae, we were impressed by her attention to symmetry, distributing her yogurt and toppings into thirds and making it our best designed concoction. “This is my flair,” she said as she added gummy worms.
Voted: The Most FroYoGenic Award
Catch Ten Out of Tenn at Live On The Green on September 29 and visit for more information about the artists and their current tour.

Sweet CeCe’s, founded and owned by Nashville residents CeCe and Brian Moore, has 18 Nashville area locations including the adorable Brentwood hotspot where we hosted our Self-Serve Sundae Showdown. Visit for a list of shops where you can recreate our winning concoctions along with your own!
Photo by Eric England: Eight Out of Tenn: Amy Stroup, Trent Dabbs, K.S. Rhoads, Tyler James, Katie Herzig, Butterfly Boucher, Matthew Perryman Jones and Gabe Dixon (Not pictured: Jeremy Lister, Andrew Belle and drummer Will Sayles)


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