Instant Garden: A Guide To Greener Pastures

June 2012

I’ve never had much of a green thumb. As I drive down Belle Meade Boulevard in the summer, I risk being arrested for distracted driving because I’m hanging my head out the window to take a gander at the rows of fabulous Annabelle Hydrangea blooms. I longingly covet the Volkswagen-sized lilac bush in my childhood yard.

Healthy Home: Greening Your Cleaning

May 2012

The eco-friendly revolution is everywhere, but do you know why? We recently chatted with Megan Morton, green educator and owner of ProUtilitas, a Nashville business using eco-friendly materials to replace toxic commercial cleaners, about the motivation behind going green in the cleaning aisle. Megan explains, “This is super basic. The movement toward eating better and having a healthier lifestyle comes down to living better.”  She says that if you’re incorporating organic foods into your diet to avoid eating pesticides but you’re still cleaning your house with toxic cleaners, you’re missing something.

A kitchen facelift...fifty years in the making

April 2012

Will and Jenny Harrison are an adorable newlywed couple enjoying their darling first home.

Coming clean: Taming your closet

March 2012

Until a couple of weeks ago, my closet looked like a jumble sale. I had jeans in nearly every size, designer labels next to thrift-store gag gifts, and sweaters I’d clung to since high school. I felt an oppressive weight on my shoulders every morning as I waded through my over-stuffed rack, trying to find something that fit, felt good, and flattered.

Festoon your friends: Flowers by women, for women

Valentine’s Day conjures so many emotions in women, doesn’t it? It seems that every February, a thousand emotions stir inside me, and like a human stack of Russian nesting dolls, I see myself at a dozen different ages feeling some combination of those emotions.

Creating Memories: Simple Gallery Spaces for Your Home

January 2012

Ok, I’ll admit it: I hoard my memories. I have boxes of vacation photographs, ticket stubs, birthday cards, and letters written to me by my grandmother and my husband. But I don’t stop there. I hoard other people’s memories as well. I have boxes of lovely things that once belonged to my grandmother, my great-grandmother, my husband’s parents, and my own mom.

Stylish Centerpieces, Beautifully Simple

Style mavens have a lot to say about fashion this fall, but they’re all rather silent on fashions for holiday tablescapes.

Pink Lady: Nashville Woman Inspires With Her Unique Style

A few years ago, the daughter of one of Lynda Herdelin’s good friends was assigned to write a paper about someone she admired. She chose Lynda.

Titled “A Hero in My Eyes,” the introduction goes like this: “There is a girl who wears neon stars on her skin and drives a hot pink Jeep around like nobody’s business. She’ll blast anything she wants, knows all the words, and if she catches you looking she’ll probably give you a wink.”

Tween Dream: One girl’s room, from Disneyland to Hollywood

August 2011

Inventive Vintage: A Peek Inside Junk Love Cottage

July 2011

Welcome to “Junk Love Cottage.” The house is 1,100 square feet — if you round up. It’s filled with tarnished silver, chipped paint, hand-me-down artwork and other people’s old furniture. And it’s just about the grooviest, coziest home you’ll find east of the Cumberland here in scenic Nashville, Tennessee.

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Her Well Being: Stories of Health, Survival, and Livin' It Up Her Style

Going Natural

Nikki Ringenberg does not like needles. As in seriously doesn’t like them — so intensely, she explains, that when she got pregnant last year, she decided to deliver naturally.

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