Let's Eat! Where To Go and What To Wear

July 2012

Bobbie’s Dairy Dip: Blast from the Past

Sonic Youth: Three Area Designers Share Their Musical Inspirations

June 2012

While working back of house at this year’s Lexus Nashville Fashion Week (NFW), I realized how important music is in telling the story behind each collection — music brings all those beautiful garments to life.

Mommy & Me: Quality Girl Time!

May 2012

Picture four little girls, dressed head to toe in matching Laura Ashley rompers, coordinating handmade bows, ruffled socks and white tennis shoes, and you’ll have a good idea of what my childhood looked like. Growing up, I was inspired by my mother’s style and the way that one sister’s ensemble emulated the next. These are some of my greatest memories.

Brights and stripes: Step out of your comfort zone in your own zip code

April 2012

It's never been easier to shop your way through Nashville's neighborhoods to pull together your favorite trend. From casual to formal wear, handmade soaps and staionary, and all the accessories your heart desires, you really don't need to go much farther than the boutiques in your own neighborhood. 

Wedding Alternatives: For nontraditional brides

When discussing this month’s column, Carla and I talked about what we would do differently if we were getting married today. We’re happy to report that aside from a few minor things, neither of us would change anything about our weddings.

Happy Clean Year! Products To Make Your Life Easier

January 2012

At StyleBlueprint, we employ the most amazing women who like to let their friends know about their favorite must-haves. We asked everyone to dish on their favorite cleaning agent, and here is what we found out. Yes, we now each have this entire list in our own homes!

Shop Local: Make Your List and Check it Twice

There’s no denying holiday shopping can be stressful. Often, people seem to forget about holiday cheer as they’re trying to beat you to the last space in the parking garage. We all dream of a shopping experience with no crowds, no lines, plenty of parking, friendly shopkeepers, and locally made, one-of-a-kind presents you can feel good about giving.  Oh … and cocktails.

Art in the City

The late Chris Clark (his quilt is pictured, left) created art in many forms, including painted, hand-sewn quilts, painted chairs and decorative “Spirit Sticks.” His grandmother taught him the art of quilting, in which he often depicts Biblical scenes. By 1991, his quilts were selling for hundreds of dollars in galleries throughout the South.

Blog Wars: Fashion Bloggers vs. Food Bloggers

October 2011

Food trucks, specialty cocktails, farm-to-table restaurants and delectable desserts are among the current culinary trends making Nashville’s food landscape deliciously interesting. We’re fashion bloggers, but that doesn’t mean we’re not aware of what’s happening with Nashville’s food movement. Au contraire!

Style Defined

What is style, anyway? Elizabeth and Liza of StyleBlueprint.com pondered this age-old question, and they turned to some fashionable local ladies to find the answer.

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