• Barren Blues

    We have been trying for months to get pregnant. I work in hospital billing and feel like I am literally dying sometimes when I hear new mothers and their babies on the other end. I should be happy for my prego friends that have had issues in the past, but I'm just not.

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  • why

    all I needed was a "are you ok"

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  • She is not yours........

    Dude are you that unbelievably stupid that you cant tell that baby isnt yours? Its not even your race. Why in the hell would you sign the birth certificate. You are a complete dumbass. Well good enough for both of you because we all know how that baby momma sleeps around with everyone that will have her. You are about an idiot yourself so you make a good pair. Welcome to your next 18 years.

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  • Babies

    I've had more miscarriages than i have kids. I'm getting really tired of this!

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  • SWF With Prejudiced Family

    I never knew my parents were prejudiced until I started dating a black man. I am falling in love with him and to think if I had turned out like my family, I might have missed out on something as amazing as this.

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  • To all the women who have ever worn push-up bras and extra padding. I envy you. I just got a bra that fit for the first time in years, and now I'm having to replace half my tops. Including my bathing suit, of which all the options are either made for women 10 years older than me or don't cover anything. I hate this.

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  • i noticed something but was too afraid to ask ...

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  • "I have strong feelings for you and I want you in my life, but I also want to share my life with my EX, can I have you both?"

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  • Husband

    I'm really tired of you! You want everyone to think your great; I live with you--YOU ARE NOT! And frankly, I resent you!

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  • In love

    I will be married for 31 years this year. We are empty nesters, we are in our early 50's And instead of enjoying our life, I hate it. I love my husband but I am not IN LOVE with him. And, if the truth be known, he is not in love with me. There is no intimacy only friendship. He feels that at this point in our lives that our friendship the most important aspect of our marriage and of course our children and grandchildren. I want to be in love, I want someone to be in love with me. I want passion back in my life. I have met someone and I could fall in love with with him very easily....but is it worth destorying my family.

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  • I hope I never see you outside of work.

    Because we may rip each others clothes off. You are famous and I'm your bartender that you dangerously flirt with when your airhead gf isn't around. She doesnt know you text me. Or that shes your 3rd 'serious' girlfriend in 6 weeks. The ass grab by the bathroom last night solidified the deal. You're in trouble :)

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  • Elementary School Hangover

    It's terrible but I still laugh when I think about it. I left a meeting with my principal to go throw up in the bathroom because I had a hangover. I told her I didn't eat with my headache medicine and that is why I was sick. Nothing like working at a nice private school, showing up to work hungover, and vomiting in a restroom intended for students! I am one class act ;)

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  • Undergarments

    This nanny really doesn't want to see your thongs spread throughout the house every morning I come to work. Gag.

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  • Can't ride 2 horses with one ass

    We were engaged and to be married this Saturday. I Took back the dress, cancelled the venue, cake, and La-la-la-la Liar. *His divorce will be final this month* Heart: I LOVE him. Reality: "Son, WTF were u thinking?" Head: He may have cut off his own ding a ling! Future: If the good lord is willin' and the creek don't rise you may have yourself a bride one day

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  • I used my husband to get to where I am now, then divorced him.

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  • Class mate

    A class mate and I have been good classmates on up until the last 2 weeks of school. We started to date and now have been inseparable. We click but he's 21 years older than I am. :/

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  • My mother

    I hate when my mother constantly asks me if I am going to heaven. Those days I wish that I'd called someone else

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  • A new relationship

    I cheated on my husband during our divorce

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  • If I preferred your company over my husband's, I would have become a lesbian.

    Apparently it is a common phenomenon in this generation for married women to lose their single female friends. My single girlfriends think my husband is psychologically manipulating me and isolating me from my friends. They don't think that maybe I married him because I prefer his company to theirs. If I preferred their company, I would have become a lesbian instead. I prefer a wild night of consequence-free crazy sex followed by Netflix in our sweatpants over a night in the local expensive trendy bar talking about current events, politics and our cycles. But if I said that, it would further solidify their opinion that married women are snobby and self-involved.

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  • Drama Papa

    You say "I'm mean", (which often is out of context or doesn't make any sense) but do you ever notice when things are peaceful between us, you start shit and create problems?

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