Easy rider: Music City Circuit Runs Circles Around Downtown Traffic

May 2012

Public transportation, like telecommunications, too often suffers from the Last Mile Problem. That is to say, when it comes to bus travel or Internet connectivity, it can be relatively efficient to send vehicles or cables to a larger hub, but it gets more complex and expensive to extend service aong the final stretch -- the proverbial Last Mile -- to reach an individual client.  

Usually, the Last Mile refers to the challenge of reaching rural customers, who may live miles — literally — from a main cable. When it comes to the issue of public transportation in Nashville’s downtown district, it’s not so much an issue of the Last Mile as it is the Last Few Yards. If you’re dressed in heels and a suit and have to walk from bus stop to final destination in 100-degree heat or driving rain, those last few yards can feel like a mile. It’s enough to make you reach for your keys and grab some change for the parking meter. That’s where the Music City Circuit can help. The free bus service makes frequent stops at 75 downtown locations, solving much of the Last Mile Problem for urban dwellers and visitors who want to operate without the hassles of driving and parking a car. Founded two years ago, Music City Circuit runs clean diesel hybrid buses on three short loops radiating from Riverfront Station. Since all three circuits stop near the foot of the Shelby Street Pedestrian Bridge, Music City Circuit can simplify parking for Titans games, no matter which of the three loops you choose. For other traveling needs, consider these paths.

Green Circuit: The Gulch

Running east west between 12th Avenue and the Cumberland River, the Green Circuit is what you need if you’re traveling between the Gulch and Lower Broad, from, say, Turnip Truck to Hatch Show Print,or from Whiskey Kitchen to the Ryman. When Deb Paquette’s restaurant, etch, opens in the Encore, you can get from there to Union Station on the Green Circuit. When the Southern steak house and oyster bar opens in the Pinnacle Tower, you can get from there to the Frist Center for the Visual Arts. This bus is the one all you young urban professionals can take from your lofts in the Gulch to your offices in the AT&T and SunTrust towers.

Runs every 30 minutes, 6:30 to 11 a.m. and every 15minutes 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Blue Circuit: Bicentennial Mall

Running north on Fifth Avenue and south on Fourth Avenue — but stopping service earlier in the evening than the Green Circuit — this loop connects the Arena to the Farmers’ Market, and Printers’ Alley to the Country Music Hall of Fame. Want to get from AM@FM to TPAC? Blue is your color. Hilton Hotel to the Arcade or Capitol Grille? Go blue.

Runs every 30 minutes, 6:30 to 11 a.m. and every 15 minutes 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Purple Circuit: Richard H. Fulton Complex

With a much more limited schedule than its sister circuits, the Purple Circuit serves the administrative complex that houses the former Howard School. Starting at Riverfront Station, the bus heads south on Hermitage Avenue, past Rachel Lehman’s exquisite little coffee shop, Crema, before turning right onto Lindsley and ducking between the Richard H. Fulton Complex and the Nashville Children’s Theatre, and ultimately returning to the station. It’s a path that could simplify a trip the Fulton complex to renew your driver’s license. The again, once you see how convenient public transportation can be, you might not be in hurry to get behind the wheel of your own car.

Runs every 15 minutes, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.


dorra's picture

That's a really smart system. I wonder why didn't we think about it before. I wonder what do the car owners think about it, would they be willing to quit their cars and start using public transportation?

It is absolutely true that those who live far away connectivity could become a problem for them. As far as transportation is concerned it is incredible to see the number of cars have gone up. Most people now own cars be it used cars, crossovers, or brand new models.

We have got used to the hassles associated with public transport. It is better to have your own car it is much more relaxing and convenient. Even if you relocate abroad you could ship car there.

I hope it works for them. The traffic is so bad in the area, that I actually broke my car last week. The mechanic said it was due to overheating and I could find auto detailing supplies at DetailKing.com and save some money in the process.

I think hybrid cars are for young kids and for women, real men drive drive a pick up truck like the ones you see at Handy GMC and still worry about their eco footprint. I would love to see the day when GM start rolling out powerful hybrid pickup trucks.

The music city circuit is a great initiative and it's a life saver for people living on the outer edges of the bus route. I read about a similar idea on http://www.garageappeal.com/garagecabinetsets.aspx and I think the people who came up with it should be rewarded.

Music City Circuit provides a great public service by operating the free bus that makes frequent stops at 75 downtown locations. I read about a similar initiative on http://www.theengineshop.com/products/engine-blocks. I'm glad that someone is solving much of the Last Mile Problem but I wonder if these buses won't slow down the over all traffic.

I appreciate a lot this interesting article! I have to admit that I am a lazy person and I prefer to drive a car instead of going to the bus station and waiting for the bus in order to go to work. I've just bought a new car from the Cecconi car dealership and I like driving it as it is safe and powerful. However I am aware that by choosing the car in order to get to work I may get lost for hours in the traffic jam and I also spend a lot of money on fuel. The Music City Circuit buses look great and provide a safe and comfortable trip.

This website provides a great source of information. I am one of those who drive to the office every morning and I spend almost two hours in traffic in order to get to the destination. Even if it is more comfortable to use my car I rather prefer to give it up and to use this bus in order to get to the office as I am pretty sure that it won't take me so much and besides saving time I would also save money.

Thanks for your unique thought and also thanks for sharing it with everybody. For public transportation, people must keep servo voltage stabilizer which stabilize the things efficiently.

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