Back To School: Adult Classes Offer a Broad Menu of Knowledge

January 2012

If you’ve ever thought education was wasted on the young, now’s your chance to get in on the action, as three schools gear up for a season of extracurricular classes for adults.

University School of Nashville Evening Classes
In its 18th year of evening classes, USN debuts a sprawling course catalog, brimming with opportunities to explore art, architecture, literature, technology, dance and more.
Don’t expect all the learning to happen in the classroom: There’s a tour of LP Field, a bus tour of backyard chicken coops (so long as backyard hens pass in the upcoming Metro Council vote), and more than 50 classes in restaurants and home kitchens across town.

Back by popular demand, Miel restaurant returns with a course in charcuterie. In a hands-on experience not recommended for vegetarians, Seema Prasad and David Maxwell will teach the tricks of preserving bacon, sausage, ham and other porcine delicacies. At the other extreme, Asha Rao explores the traditional recipes and flavors of Indian vegetarian cuisine, with a side order of yoga and principles of Ayurvedic cooking. Chef Giovanni Giosa from Porta Via Italian Kitchen will teach the finer points of certified Neapolitan pizza, while Caffe Nonna chef Daniel Maggipinto will expound on the classic dishes of an Italian trattoria.

On the lighter side of Mediterranean cuisine, Kalamatas' chefs Kitty and Maher Fawaz will highlight heart-healthy recipes from the region, featuring whole grains, beans, yogurt, nuts and olive oil, flavored with indigenous spices. Meanwhile, F. Scott’s chef Kevin Ramquist will keep it local, sharing tips on where to find meats and produce that don’t travel halfway around the world to your dinner table. If you want to take things a step further by growing your own food, there’s a class on “foodscaping” designed to teach you how to do just that.

On the sweeter side, Bang Candy Company will reveal the secrets of homemade marshmallows for making designer s’mores, and Jennifer Penson, former pastry chef at Le Bernardin in New York, will demonstrate how to work with fondant icing to create elegant and extravagant cakes.

Once you’ve got all these culinary skills under your belt, you’ll want to show them off, and there are classes on setting the perfect table and planning the perfect dinner party.
If you can’t wait for Clay Greenberg and Deb Paquette to launch their new restaurant ventures, here’s your chance to get an insider’s preview. Greenberg — chef-owner of Silo restaurant, opening this spring in Germantown — will host a preview of his Southern-influenced menu, along with a bourbon tasting. Meanwhile, chef Deb, who will launch Echo at the Encore this spring, will host a course on pairing wines with creative sandwiches.

Nashville Scene
food blogger and USN alumnus Chris Chamberlain will distill everything he knows into a course on the production of bourbon, and Jim Myers will raise a toast to tequila.

Courses run January through April. Register now at

Harpeth Hall Adult Winterim
A play on Harpeth Hall’s Winterim tradition, in which students at the all-girls school step out of the classroom to explore life in the real world, Adult Winterim invites adults — even men! — back to school.

This spring, art history teacher Marla Faith will reprise her popular series “The Art of Devotion,” exploring the art of the major spiritual and religious traditions, and HH alumnus Avon Lyons, creator of the Good Wife Supper Club, will lead a cooking course. Other courses include workshops on photography, blogging and technology.

Courses run in February and March, and registration begins in January at For more information, contact Scottie Coombs at 346-0090 or

Ensworth School Evening Courses
Ensworth School returns in February for a second year of adult classes. At the Devon Farm high school campus on Highway 100, teachers will host four-week courses in painting, pottery, acting, guitar and computer for Mac users. At the Red Gables campus on Woodlawn Drive, middle school teacher Robin Smith will host a knitting course, and students’ families will host a series of cooking classes in their home kitchens.
For complete listings, visit To register, contact or call 301-5360.


zola's picture

Here's a chance to try something I've always wanted to learn about. I hope they also have interior design classes, this has always been one of my passions and this field is growing so fast that it makes me sorry I didn't do this in the first place. Well, it's never too late, I hold on to this saying because I believe it's true.

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to refrain from blogging about something that is just "on my mind." The thing is that when I do, I get crickets from my readers. They really do know what they want from me: public relations, technology and career posts. When I stray from that--even if it's really good stuff!--my audience just doesn't respond as well. Rather than fight it, I obey!kredi hesaplama-evim şahane

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to refrain from walking a blog about something that is "on my mind." The passguide 642-035 thing is that when I do, I get crickets from my readers. They do know what they need from me: public relations, know-how & career posts

Such adult classes are great for resuming the process of learning. However, online courses too could be ideal for people who want to take up learning in the mature years. I however, have a query related to CDC jobs, I need to know what kind of degrees I need to be able to apply, any suggestions?

Now when you consider career now many changes have taken place. Now we are more open to offbeat career choices. It is better to follow your true passion if you feel inspired by the way social workers help needy people then you should consider taking up the profession.

leonardo85's picture

Each of the courses has been designed to provide some quality learning experiences to the students. Online mode is the best way to restart your education career. If you are planning to change direction in the middle of your career and want to enter a different sector like healthcare, you could take a up a relevant course online to fit into the new mold.

These adult courses are going to help you enrich your knowledge. Those who are considering a culinary career such courses could give you a push. But for those who look for challenging opportunities they should a career in firefighting.

I am associated with an NGO which involves college students to offer free education to adults. Our primary motto was to create an opportunity for those illiterate people to get literate. And during my tenure, I saw many adults feeling the necessity of changing their profession after getting their basic education course.

Adult education could play a valuable role in a community. But care should be taken to provide better education not only in adult education but also in schools too. The teachers should try to encourage teens with passion to perform better.

Adult classes are essential especially for those people who had to leave their education midway for some reason. These adult classes help them to benefit from education and find better careers.

EllaRochelle's picture

If you're an adult, that doesn't mean you're exonerated from learning. We do or should be doing this all our lives. If you don't believe me, just compare older men who play chess with those who don't. I'm currently doing physical therapy practice, for example.

leonardo85's picture

There are adult learning courses available online these courses not only offer a wide range of subjects but these are a lot more flexible in nature. From education to career we have become reliant on the online platform. It is now being used for sorting out legal issues like Dispute Resolution.

Heidi Lavern's picture

As we get older, our capability of storing information gets weaker. We can't study like we used to when we were younger, we need some sort of special education, specially designed for us.

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adult classes help our young generation to aware different social issue and its good to back school and attend this type classes which is very helpful adult messages funny

This is great news for the kids! Reading this I can only think of a friend of mine who gave birth to a baby when she was a college freshman at the Montgomery Academy. Fortunately the baby was very well raised by her loving grand parents. These children deserve a chance!

leonardo85's picture

These students are getting a wonderful opportunity here for learning. However, the teachers should not only focus on enhancing their skills but they should also focus on developing their higher order thinking as well.

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If you've graduated from highschool or College for several years and you would like to learn a new skill, then adult classes are your best option. You can also find useful educational resources on . There are several websites great for free education such as

I have looked at the local community college and American University, but they don't seem to cater to people in my situation. I have joined a couple book clubs and I subscribe to, and while I'm happy with these, the other members are usually older than me. I'm thinking of taking French classes this summer.

Don’t expect all the learning to happen in the classroom: There’s a tour of LP Field, a bus tour of backyard chicken coops

crazysony's picture

I appreciate a lot this great and quality post! Education is very important as it helps us to develop our knowledge and to build successful careers. I've graduated law school at the Montgomery Academy and I learned some interesting things there.

reginaparker's picture

Im stunned having a separate course for MAC users. This is fantastic.

These professional might be helps in sharpening the skills of new coming artists of entertainment industry.
Thanks for posting regarding that. Classes to learn Acting

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I graduated from college last summer and have been working as an engineer in Montgomery County, Maryland since.I would like to find courses or groups in these subjects on evenings or weekends. I found this and inspired me Grace , Anyone know of Recreational adult education classes and groups in Montgomery County, MD / Northwest DC for 20-somethings?

I participate in a one-on-one child mentoring program running autodesk student software and have been for nearly four years now. For the duration of that time, I’ve been matched with “Sarah,” who is now 11 years old, and I care for her very deeply.

I graduated from college last summer where I loved to take notes and have been working as an engineer in Montgomery County, Maryland since. I would like to find courses or groups in history, English literature, and foreign languages on evenings or weekends.

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I think primary education is the base of growth.... It is very important to make your future bright....I think all kids should go step by step.....

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This article definitely confirms my statement that it is never too late to study. My brother gave up college when he was sixteen and now he is planing to return to school. I've recommended him to use some reading manipulatives like those from in order to improve his reading skills. I am sure that he will study hard and be a good student.

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