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Your Voice: Finding It and Fine-Tuning it

May 2011

So, you’ve started a blog. Congrats! Now, if you want that blog to gain a loyal following, you’ll need to focus on establishing your voice—the unique tone, style and obsession that your readers can identify with and count on.

SXSW Interactive: A March Madness of a Different Kind

March 2011

Since 2006, my husband Dave and I have been loyal attendees of South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive, the younger, geeky stepchild of the acclaimed SXSW Music and Media Conference held each March in Austin, Texas.

Love Story With a Few Geeky Gadgets

As Valentine’s Day approaches, I cannot think of a better time to publicly declare my top five technology torches. As an added bonus, some of these things that make my little heart go pitter-patter also make great gifts for your sweetheart:

New Year, New Media

January 2011

Much to my delight,  a gaggle of new media naysayers have resolved to take on the social web this year.

Set, stick to your budget with


I'm a little late to the party on this one, but I've recently discovered; I'm smitten. The Web-based tool has been around since 2007 and helps you track your income, spending, debt, etc. And it's free! 

Failure: It's Not Only An Option, It's a Gift!

This holiday season, as you reflect on gifts, blessings and traditions, I hope you’ll join me in saying a word of thanks for failure. 
Just about every major task I do well—or now have an obsession with—stems from a practical lesson learned from my own stunningly horrific error.

Try, Try Again

I’m not sure who started the rumor that only a select few, twenty-something, childless, computer nerds would become the Internet Chosen and that the World Wide Web, Google, Apple and Twitter only understand the needs of these elite Geeks. I don’t know who convinced the tech-challenged masses that they deserve a life of frustration, spammy Hotmail accounts, Zach Morris phones and AOL. But it’s all a dirty lie.

Clear Channel

October 2010

This information is great, but how do I explain what I want to my web guy?” I was in the audience at the non-profit conference when the attendee posed this simple question to the “Communicating on the Web” panelists; crickets chirped as the panelists squirmed and cleared their throats. “What I really need,” she added with a laugh, “is a panel called ‘Communicating With Your Web Guy.’”

Finding Your Balance

October 2010

There’s never a moment you won’t find me tethered to the Internet via iPhone, laptop, netbook, or Kindle. Sometimes, I’m connected by all of them at once.

The High Road: Tackling Angry Internet Trolls

August 2010

Nothing brings out the worst in folks quite like anonymity. Under the misguided belief that the Internet was created to catalog negative comments and painfully poor grammar, folks we geeks call “trolls” rant and pillage the Web and leave in their wake you, with a helpless, panicky feeling.

As a public relations and social media blogger gal, the one question I am asked most often is, “How the BLEEP am I supposed to respond to stupid online comments?” I hear ya’!

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