Road Test: Intimia Breast Pillow

Posted Thursday, July 7th 2011 at 3:39pm

This project was a very interesting one, to say the least, and definitely a new experience. However, trying something new is a challenge that can result in a positive or negative outcome - or even a mixed review.   Naturally, I like a challenge, so I was excited to try this product out: Intimia, a Breast Pillow for women. Yes ladies, it does exist!

Let’s start out by giving you a quick description of the actual contraption. It was designed to prevent wrinkles and improve existing lines in the cleavage area. Intimia was also created to be a comfort pillow for your breasts. It alleviates symptoms such as tender breasts, effects of breast surgery and breastfeeding. The actual pillow sits in between your breasts while the straps wrap around your arms, similar to a backpack or razor back bra.

How does it feel? Does it actually work?

Initially, figuring out how to put it on and tighten the straps to make sure it fit snugly and comfortably against my body was the hardest part ... but it wasn't that difficult. Once you have it on your bare body (according to instructions; the enclosed picture diagrams help tremendously!), you are good to go. From then on, you can toss, turn and easily get in your comfortable sleeping position.
It's a little weird because you can feel the product when lying on your side or your stomach. Personally, I did not feel any different effects of the product, other than a bra-like contraption on my body (which I hate wearing and can’t wait to take off!). I would imagine that this product helps with the above symptoms and becomes more comfortable over time. But in my opinion, free-styling is the way to go while you sleep!

So, I would use this product if it were given to me as a gift (but it would probably be hidden in a drawer somewhere). Ladies, if you want to see if it works for you, visit for more information. It is worth checking it out, just for curiosity's sake alone!
 -Priya Mani


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Hey Priya, which drawer did you hide it in? :)

I don't hide and tell :) Well really I strategically placed it in my roomie's (H) drawer to find!!

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Logan's picture

Wow it means it will make a good shape of breasts. I like this product. Its much better than vaccines and other drugs. Its natural. Thanks for this beneficial information.

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Interesting pillow!! I've never heard and seen such pillow before. Therefore so glad to know about it and I'm very excited to grab one Intimia breast pillow. Thanks.
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That looks so different but so cool. google+

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I also took the Intimia breast pillow in a road trip and it was pretty weird.... I mean, the breasts were less visible than the Xenon headlight bulbs, but I felt like they were giving the light, because my boyfriend couldn't stop looking. Perhaps the effects are more visible in time, I started to see something different after half a month, but not too much.

EllaRochelle's picture

Pryia, you are very brave to do something like this. The only thing I would take for a test on the road are probably those new pieces I've been checking out on, but aside from that, nope, not really, especially a breast pillow. Knowing me, I would more likely be testing it inside, in the comfort of my own room. I wish I were more like you!

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