Creating fashion at Bonnaroo's Alter-Nation art pod

Posted Monday, June 14th 2010 at 2:36pm

Everywhere I looked at Bonnaroo I saw people expressing themselves with avant-garde fashion, handmade clothing and fun costumes. Some of which might have been made at Alter-Nation, one of 9 participatory "art pods" situated around the festival campgrounds where festival guests can take part in everything from collaborative music, to building miniature cities out of recycled cardboard boxes.

Joy Grissom created Alter-Nation as a space dedicated to upcycling ho-hum clothing into something new and exciting. Anyone is welcome to select a piece of clothing from a free, open air "thrift store" and remake it into something new. After creating your design with the provided paints, stencils, screen-printing and sewing equipment, you could then take a stroll down the runway to show off your new look then either keep it to wear, or leave it on the rack for someone else.

I decided to try my hand at remaking this rather frumpy vintage blouse:

shirt before

And here is the finished product, a breezy butterfly-sleeved overshirt:

shirt after


Alter-Nation at bonnaroo


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