Bonnaroo style: dress (it) up

Posted Sunday, June 13th 2010 at 9:47am

I adore this look! A great example of how to take a simple denim dress—this one is from Urban Outfitters—and create your own look with accessories. A floppy hat, plastic street sunglasses, shoulder bag and sparkly TOMS shoes somehow all come together to evoke our favorite children's book heroines (Eloise, Madeline) playing dress up, or a favorite spunky aunt. This is what personal style is all about.

denim sundress at Bonnaroo


Lisha's picture

An awesome look, indeed, this kind of Jimmy Jazz clothing style doesn't need a lot of accessories, which is cool, because I don't really know how to work with them. I love this girl, it somehow actually looks like me!

I like the casual look that this dress gives. I've been looking for some homecoming dresses that were this comfortable and casual. I can't stand stuffy uncomfortable clothing.

Janice's picture

She's really cute, but I think you intimidated her, because she's biting her lip in a shy mode. This dress is gorgeous, I usually don't buy much except what's on Artworks, due to the fact that I think clothes made from patches are more hippie, it's very casual to wear something like this. I wonder where the closest Urban Outfitters is, though.

Hellen's picture

This is what having fun with your clothing is all about, you get to show off your personal style, and that's why I encourage my kids to do the same. They've been wearing unconventional clothes ever since they were born, I just loved to play with the punk baby clothes at and my elder kids still follow the family trend.

dorra's picture

That's definitely something I'd like to try for the summer. I should learn few things about accessorizing any type of outfit, that's my weak point. However I found this source, I trust it will be very helpful. All I have to do is keep an open mind to the new trends.

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Oh summer. Can wait till it comes Zomick's

This outfit defines perfectly the casual style, preferred by so many women these days. I could wear such a dress on a sunny day, but I have my own unique style, almost all my clothes have a Rival print, especially my t-shirts. I like to stand out through customized clothes, they are a perfect match to my spirit.

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