A Laugh A Minute With Bye Bye Liver

Posted Monday, April 9th 2012 at 9:58am

A couple of Saturdays ago, some friends and I got together and headed to see another girlfriend in the local production of Bye Bye Liver, a drinking game/sketch comedy show at Blue Bar. We weren't quite sure what to expect - is it a play? Is it a drinking game? A drinking play?

Turns out, it was all three! The cast of six actors performed skits interspersed with some drinking games that encouraged taking more than just a few swigs of your beverage at a time.

The skits themselves were hilarious with each scene set in a bar. My favorite of the evening was "what happens when girls go to the bathroom together." You'll have to go watch it for yourself to see why I loved it.

A little history: Bye Bye Liver started in Chicago and, since its inception, has opened in other cities like Philly, St. Louis, Boston and Nashville. Our Nashville cast is really talented, the main actors have great comic timing and I especially liked that the skits had a bit of local flavor thrown in.

Tickets are $12 not including your beverages but you do get table service so you don't have to worry about getting up to get more to drink! I must add that as someone who doesn't drink (although my straight coke on the rocks looked sketchy legitimate enough in that red solo cup) I still had a blast and the laughs kept on coming. In fact, I'm already trying to round up another group of friends to go with soon!

Buy tickets here, definitely go with a group, and have a great time!

Nashville comedy is funnier than you'd expect!


nicholas23's picture

I still had a blast and the laughs kept on coming. Can't wait to go back again.

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princess's picture

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miami blog

That was so funny :)) Even a bad day could be changed by a minute of laugh!

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