Meet Phyllis: An Introduction to She Who Eliminates My Messiness

Posted Monday, March 7th 2011 at 8:20pm

In this month's issue of HER, I write about the wonders of finding the right someone to help keep your house clean. For me, that 'right someone' is Phyllis Hill. She's a delightful human being and a great keeper o' the house.
Finding Phyllis really was a big deal to me. Not only had I never pictured myself as somebody who'd have "a housekeeper," I was hesitant to have anybody come 'round my house to swiffer and scrub my belongings. Thanks to the recommendation of a trusted friend, I felt comfortable letting Phyllis into my little corner of the world. 
Are you in the same boat that I once was, not only soul searching the idea of hiring help but also feeling overly cautious about letting someone you don't know well into your home?  I strongly suggest conquering your concerns by relying on personal recommendations. Don't call the first option that shows up in a Google search. Ask around for friendly suggestions so you're more at ease with whomever you select to help keep your cherished spaces clean. And if  you need more assurance, ask the potential cleaner for additional references, so that you can extend your vetting process beyond your own circle of pals.
...And if you're just flat out convinced Phyllis sounds like the 'right someone' for you, you'll find her contact info online by clicking here.


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I read this piece with much interest and really thought I had written the first part myself. I was to the point where I didn't like to enter my house. Long short......I contacted Phyllis. She was here yesterday and I'm now enjoying my home again. Thanks so much!!!!
Jan Maier

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My friend hired Phyllis upon your recommendation and LOVES her. Thanks for sharing her with us!

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She is exactly who I've been looking for. I really want to keep my house tidy but I just don't have the time because of the work I have. I'm so thankful that I came across your article. I'll try to hire her soon!

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Very glad with this post. She is the right one we've been looking for. Being always busy with our caterpillar colombia business, we have no time anymore to keep our house tidy. So nice to have a website like this.

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