Home Decor in the 'Hood: Belmont Area

Posted Tuesday, January 5th 2010 at 8:23am

In honor of "the neighborhood issue," I'm going to highlight a few 'hood-specific home decor shops for you throughout the month.  And today, I begin with a shop from my corner of Nashville: Nouveau Classics

This hipster store has made great use of what was once Wild Oats on Belmont Boulevard (remember those days?!), with its collection of sleek, clean-lined modern furniture and accessories. From bedroom to dining room and home office to front foyer, they've got something to grace just about any space in your house.

Nouveau Classics is located at 3201 Belmont Blvd., ph 383-3164. www.nouveauclassics.com


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I've understood Nouveau Classics has everything a woman can and can't dream of, including pool accessories. I've honestly never heard about such crazy things, but my friends from work all have them. I must definitely convince my hubby to take me there!

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I've been to Nouveau Classics last week with my decorator from commercial roofing in Denver and I just couldn't make up my mind what to buy. They have fine taste in home decor and a well trained staff that will make you spend hours in their shop and buy more than you planned to.

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