Looking to Volunteer this Weekend?

Posted Friday, January 20th 2012 at 11:09am

So your New Years resolution was to volunteer more and get involved with the community? Well why not start this weekend?! Here are some great ways to spend your time this weekend or any weekend giving back to Nashville.
Play Goalball with the Tennessee Association for the Blind Athletes
Ever played a game without being able to see the ball? Sound impossible? It's not! TNABA members do it every week! Volunteers will help TNABA members practice as they prepare to compete nationwide in Goalball tournaments. Volunteers will attend practice and scrimmage against the TNABA athletes. Players will be blindfolded and use their other senses to work as a team to defend their goal!
LP PENCIL Box Store Assistant
LP PENCIL Box is a free school supply store for MNPS Teachers. Your volunteer opportunity will include assisting teachers with their shopping trip, stocking the store, bundling supplies and other tasks in that range.

Tutor Middle Schoolers
Be a mentor and tutor to middle school boys participating in Backfield in Motion's (BIM) Saturday School. BIM strives to prevent students from dropping out of school and experiencing failure by providing focused academic assistance on Saturday mornings. Youth volunteers will be collaborating with college and university student volunteers every Saturday. Volunteers with strong math and reading skills are preferred, as these are the lessons covered in Saturday School.
Critter Care
Join other animal-loving volunteers in caring for the animals at the Nashville Humane Association. Work may include walking the dogs and cleaning cat and/or dog cages, so be sure to wear your grubby clothes and closed-toed shoes! Space is very limited so sign up ahead of time to save your spot.
For more information on these or any other projects visit Hands on Nashville.


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