Food for the Future

Posted Friday, June 1st 2012 at 9:41am

Millions of people both around the world and right here in Nashville are locked in a vicious cycle of hunger and poverty. Poverty means parents can’t feed their families enough nutritious food, leaving children hungry and malnourished. Malnutrition leads to stunted development and shorter, less productive lives. Less productive lives prevent an escape from poverty. We have to break this cycle, and we can.


There is no Miracle-Grow solution to end world hunger. It is admittedly complicated, but we do have a tried and true plan with tremendous opportunity to make a difference. Through country-owned investment plans and proven nutrition solutions we could lift 50 million people out of poverty and prevent stunting in 15 million children due to chronic malnutrition. The ONE Campaign and its 3 million members around the world called on the G8 last month to focus on 30 of the poorest countries with smart agriculture and nutrition plans. While president Obama announced The New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition during the G8 summit, programs like this still need to be put into practice and funded. If foreign assistance from the G8 mirrors the ups and downs of the global economy, then we are leaving the world’s poor on a roller coaster of hunger and poverty. Country-led agriculture and nutrition programs have the potential to end these cycles once and for all.


At the same time, local groups are using some of these same methods to fight hunger and promote healthy eating right here at home. Programs like Plant the Seed are using community gardens around East Nashville as classrooms to educate kids on healthy eating and empower them to grow their own food.


The Nashville Food Project is also growing food to feed the area’s homeless population. Combined with food from Second Harvest they create and deliver meals from their community gardens to feed Nashville’s undernourished populations.


And there are ways you can help! Agriculture is the number one way to fight poverty world-wide. So whether you volunteer to get your hands dirty yourself in one of NFP’s community gardens, support Second Harvest by attending their Culinary Arts Lunches (today and every Friday) or sign a petition to support funding for country-led farming programs in Africa, we can all work to provide food for the future. 


Abby Sasser


Hunger and poverty both the concepts are interrelated with each other simultaneously, therefore people belongs to poverty line can't able to get sufficient nutritional foods for consume which directly effects their health and hazards. So health organizations are generally work for promoting healthy eating practices.

This is a bitter truth of the world, where a small group of people are indulging in meaningless luxury and a larger part is suffering from hunger. Initiatives must be taken on larger scale to provide these people with the food they need. For complete well being, eating nutritious food is essential. Enjoy spicy food during festivals, as for as the rest of the year focus on nutrition.

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Poverty and hunger are the two main causes for making our country a weaker nation. Million and thousands of peoples died due to this hunger and still our nation doing nothing for this. This will never going to be stop.
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Poverty, malnutrition is a reality of not a single region but it is the reality of this world. We have to take initiatives to solve this issue. Overall there has been a change in attitude towards food, most people now prefer to opt for healthy options like frozen yogurt which has given a rise in the sales of soft serve machine.

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Regretting, even today there are families who live beyond the poverty edge. I can see a strong connection between lack of money and fast-food consuming. Most of over-waiting people usually just don't have money to buy healthy food projektspedition

At the same time, local groups are using some of these same methods to fight hunger and promote healthy eating right here at home. Programs like Plant the Seed are using community gardens around East Nashville as classrooms to educate kids on healthy eating and empower them to grow their own food. credit card debt management | Pros and cons | Reverse Mortgage

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