Reminder: Your secret is not safe with the Internet

Posted Thursday, March 11th 2010 at 11:17am

I'm a little frazzled by how many folks think that "protecting" their Twitter status and only "friending friends" on Facebook means the things they say on the Internet are private. Please remember, there is no privacy on the Internet. None. It's all Google-able.

For example: You may have a "protected" Twitter account, which means you've set your profile and Tweets so that they may only be viewed by folks you approve. BUT if I'm following you and I re-tweet you, your "protected" Tweet is now public. Worse, if you have allowed reporters to follow your "protected" Tweets, you've now submitted a legitimate on-the-record statement.

Same goes with Facebook. We know how well "privacy" worked for the Mayor of Arlington, TN. He said some really juvenile things on his Facebook account, and one of his "friends" copied and pasted it into an email to the local paper.

All this to say, surf with caution, ladies. The Internet is not your diary.

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