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Posted Saturday, February 7th 2009 at 12:44pm

My friend and bride-to-be, Meredith, gave me the heads up about a FABULOUS invention called The site basically acts as a one-stop shop for your friends and family looking for your registered items. The design isn't much to look at, but it's the utility that counts. 

The most important part, according to Meredith, is that even though you've pulled your various registry items into one place online, you still got run through the stores and use the product scanner gun in person, "which is so far the BEST part of the wedding planning process." 

Your gift buying peeps may then visit, type in your name and state, and all of your registry items (available online) magically appear! 

When said peep sees an item you just can't live without and clicks "add to cart" she is redirected to the actual store website to purchase the item. It's pretty cool.

Give it a try and let us know what you think!


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Radom acts of kindness- becomes a Wedding fairy tale dream.
I attended the Girls Day Out on 5/3/09. I have been looking for a wedding dress for a while now, and I'm on a really tight budget (my fiancee is in the ARMY) and I'm planning everything myself. Every dress I have looked at has been out of my budget, so my mother in law to be asked to me to go to this event with here. (Brides Against Breast Cancer event) I purchased a raffle ticket for the Free Dress drawing, we shoped around for and hour and a half not really finding anything in the budget. We spoke to some ladies from Vanderbilt Breast Center and told them my sittuation. My wedding is 07/25/09. They were very helpful in giving us some tips for a small budget. Only one lady's name was called for the dress give away. And this lady had been talking to the ladies from Vanderbilt about me, and this stranger (Lillian Tolbert) said that she would give me her raffle ticket so that I could win the wedding dress. I was shocked and crying! It's such a blessing. I went back to look at the dresses again and the ladies from Vanderbilt were so eggered to help me look for a dress. I tried on about 3 and Found the Perfect one. It's really AMAZING! It's made by Alfred Angelo has a long train and alot of beading on it.
I got all the information from every one that was there helping me and told them they are invited to my wedding.
Random Acts of Kindness from this sweet lady has really made my Wedding a Dream Come True!

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I’ve just visited the site. My best friend Amy’s wedding is just in few months. I’m really glad to get the perfect info in perfect time. Thanks a lot for sharing.
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Get the widest selection of Unique Wedding Favors gifts and personalized wedding favors are available at discount prices.

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I just visited the site and its really great, thanks fro the link.

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This is a great site, you can find anything you dreamed about there. But I wonder how you can choose a perfume, if you don't remember exactly how it smelled. Maybe your taste has changed with time and the scent you once adored doesn't suit you anymore. The tangible shops are still useful, although you have to walk to get there, it's for a good cause, it's for you.

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Very useful stuff. Anticipating more resources from you. From - Naruto Manga 522 Thanks!

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My friend is getting married and we're going to London this week, Oxford Street and so was wondering if someone could tell us some good wedding shops in central London? She needs jewels, a tiara and lingerie?

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I found a wedding ring in platinum and gold a few years ago and thought I'd try to sell it. The only problem is that I tried to check online if the pawnshops to buy "engraved on the ring and find information.

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i have shopping recently and got more collections from this store,all are good products. I like stores like American Eagle, Aeropostale, and Abercrombie, etc. Is there a website that tells you what stores have what is on sale the day after Thanks for giving shopping?

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Can you give me some website names where I can find some good designs for wedding rings.

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This ads and the website implies that the products make women want to be all over you. The thing is it is called advertising and it is the best marketing campaign to use.very useful for ladies products here...better place to search..

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My aunty got married last month and don’t get surprised she is 52. her hair is grey , but her smiles always make her just like a kid. We arranged a Human Hair Wig for her to hide her grey hair and she was looking too pretty and it was looking so natural.


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I agree, one can't buy a perfume online, unless she knows the smell already. I've used the online shops so far to buy a pair of Mosley Tribes shades, because they just looked so good. I'm currently praying not to lose them like I do each summer, because I've spent the money I had to buy a present for my boyfriend to purchase them and this loss would really be a shame.

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I just thought that I would comment here and let you know.This wedding registry site is looking vary helpful for wedding purpose, as a shopping it is available several price ranges. Most brides will register at one or more general stores,it is a great article for wedding.
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This ads and the website implies that the products make women want to be all over you. The thing is it is called advertising and it is the best marketing campaign to use.very useful for ladies products here...better place to search.. hardwood Flooring Calabasas

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Wedding Channel offers a registry that consolidates all your registries into one place for you.diamond buyers nyc

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