I'll Tumblr for ya

Posted Saturday, January 29th 2011 at 2:05pm

If you're thinking of starting a blog—or just wish you had a place online to share your favorite pictures, links, videos and inspirations—consider Tumblr. Millions of people, companies and news organizations already do; and they're sort of obsessed with it.

Tumblr come on the blog platform scene about four years ago; it is easy to use, free and completely customizable. Don't be afraid! Sign up for a username and get started guinea pigging.

My personal blog, FlackRabbit is built on Wordpress, so I was not at all familiar with how to use Tumblr when I created my little corner of its universe. Within an hour, I was completely at ease with the Tumblr platform; I’m confident you will be, too!

And once you hop on the Tumblr train, besure to follow some of my favorites like Team Conan, Officials Say the Darndest Things, Newsweek and I love charts.


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My personal favorites are Fudge Yeah, Puppies and F*** yeah, Girly Tattoos.

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