Sugar Queen: Mignon Francois of The Cupcake Collection

July 2012

“God does things that don’t make sense,” Mignon François laughs, shaking her multi-colored baker’s cap. François, a mother of six and owner of Germantown’s successful bakery The Cupcake Collection, is sharing some of the darkest moments in her family’s life, but somehow she still glows with joy.

Perfect Harmony

June 2012

Kelly Corcoran has always been passionate about singing. As a little girl, the Springfield, Mass., native took voice lessons and dreamed of being an opera singer someday. After high school, she studied vocal performance at The Boston Conservatory, where she joined the Tanglewood Festival Chorus, singing alongside the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

Music Together: Teaching a Love for Music Pays Off

May 2012

A dad who dances with his tiny baby girl. A mom who can’t hold a tune but announces proudly after a couple sessions that she’s “getting better.” A little boy who typically sticks close to mommy but finally strays long enough to strut his stuff.

Perfect match: Two local women find common culinary ground

April 2012


The Bloomy Rind’s Kathleen Cotter is all about cheese. And fortunately for local cheese lovers, she’s made it her business to ensure Nashville has access to delicious, handcrafted cheeses from around the country. Like many entrepreneurs, Cotter’s path wasn’t necessarily a straight one. In fact, the 40-year-old Atlanta native realized her passion for cheese while taking a “sabbatical” to figure out what she wanted to do for a living.

Bank on it: Local branch of City National features female powerhouses

March 2012

There's an advertisement making the rounds in local publications that contains a photo of four women posing among a guitar, microphone and road cases used to transport musical equipment. At first glance, one might think this stylish foursome is promoting their new album or an upcoming show.

Tarnished Perfection: Local couture jewelry artist finds her path

When Elizabeth Chittenden was a little girl, she and her four older siblings would lie on the bed amidst a pile of jewelry, listening intently as their mother told stories about sentimental pieces passed down from generation to generation.

Organized Chaos: Busy Mom of Three Helps Others Find Order

January 2012

When Tanna Clark visited family members as a little girl, she often disappeared into a back room to do a little organizing.

“Somebody would say, “Where’s Tanna?” Clark explains, laughing. “And they’d find me going through drawers and straightening them up.”

Hidden Jewels: A Passion for the Arts Benefits the Entire Community

You know that old earring that’s rolling around in your jewelry box? You misplaced its companion a while back, but you just can’t bring yourself to throw it out. Maybe your jewelry box is also home to a broken necklace or an old brooch that never gets to go out anymore.

Cheekwood's First Lady

Jane Offenbach, who celebrated her one-year anniversary as Cheekwood’s President and CEO on September 1st, has always been quite the businesswoman. Before moving to Nashville, she worked in the corporate world in Dallas for multiple Fortune 500 companies.

Burger Up! Local Restaurant Becomes 12S Staple

October 2011

In 2004, a funky little coffee shop with an equally funky name popped up on 12th Avenue South. The street was still in its early stages of transforming into the hip neighborhood that now hosts many thriving independent businesses and seemingly recession-proof homes filled with young families.

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