The Lady in The Catbird Seat

July 2012

The moment you step off the elevator at The Catbird Seat, an audacious culinary venture that opened in Nashville last fall, an extraordinary sensory adventure begins to unfold. You pass through a psychotropic wormhole of unsettling kinetic stripes into a space that becalms the eye.

Thirty Days Of ... KRANK NASHVILLE, Part Two!

Week Three, Krank Nashville


Halfway through my month, and I’m having a blast. I feel stronger, and I notice more endurance on my runs. While I wanted to spend the remainder of my time focusing on the cycle classes, I just can’t stay away from Krank, so on Wednesday I took a Krank class with Sarah-Jane, and I noticed that she had written “60/90/45” on the board with the list of exercises.

SouthComm to Cease Publishing of Her Nashville Magazine

SouthComm to Cease Publishing of Her Nashville Magazine

NASHVILLE, TENN. (June 27, 2012) – SouthComm, Inc., will cease publication of Her Nashville magazine, a periodical covering local women, events, and issues, and insightful narratives on topics of interest to women.

How To Succeed

July 2012

Have you ever cooked something that prompted your friends and family to say, “You could go into business making these?” Perhaps you then thought, “Ugh, going into business sounds like so much red tape.” For sure, when it comes to taking a plan from drawing board to marketplace, there can be a lot of paperwork.

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Her Well Being: Stories of Health, Survival, and Livin' It Up Her Style

A Big, Bad Fight

Dana Birdsong didn’t have time for a headache that day. The (then) 35-year-old lobbyist and advocate for the American College of Cardiology in Washington, D.C. had a meeting on Capitol Hill she couldn’t miss.

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